The ultimate city commuter

Custom Design, for Every Body

Cookie cutter design won’t cut it. The Pedal’s customizable functionality is on a mission to make you ready to take on the streets. By freeing our design process from outdated standards, we create high-quality products that make you feel strong and ready to free yourself from the trials and tribulations of daily commuting.


1: Ideal Moderate Seating Position
2: Unisex Bespoke Frame
3: Removable State Of The Art Battery
4: SP-Connector
5: Dual Hydraulic Disc Brake
6: Integrated Lights
7: IOT, Pedal-Assist and GPS
8: Powerful Hub-Motor
9: 26" Commuting Tires -

unisex design

Stay on track

The Vässla Pedal is equipped with 24" wheels. Slightly smaller and more maneuverable. Perfect for commuting!

We have equipped the bikes with larger tires, which provides a larger surface area and thus a more stable and shock-free commute. The need for fork suspension disappears.


No hill too steep

A powerful250W/45Nm hub motorsits in the rear of the Vässla Pedal to provide you with more road traction and less risk of skidding . By placing our motor where our bodies distribute most of our weight, you’ll feel like you’re being propelled forward, not pushed around.

We don’t want you to have to think of anything but the road ahead of you and the big things that await you at your destination. TheSmart Assistfunction senses how much resistance there is when you pedal and assists you when necessary. And aren’t we all looking for a boost when we need it most?

The Sweet-Spot

In perfect balance

When we designed the Pedal, we had to find the balance for the type of vehicle it would be. A bike for ultra-long distances? Or perhaps the most powerful bike on the market?

We thought it was more important to find theperfectly balanced bike. Not just suitable for commuting, but theUltimate Commuter. With Pedal's three levels of assistance, you can choose whether you want more assistance on the hills, or even longer distances.

Stop Right In Your Tracks


Dual hydraulic brakes equals powerful stopping for when you need it most, with less repairs for you in the long run.

*Tectro-e385 Brakes

Powerful, Light, Agile

The Battery From The Future

As the popularity of e-bikes continues to grow, the quality and safety of batteries has become increasingly important.

Safety monitoring
Vässla Pedal's battery is designed with safety in mind. It has an advanced battery management system (BMS) that constantly monitors the battery's temperature, its voltage and current. The BMS ensures that the battery always operates within safe parameters and shuts down the battery if it detects any abnormalities. This helps prevent charging and discharging outside the battery's specified temperature range, overcharging and other potential risks that can occur with inferior quality batteries.

In addition to its safety features, Vässla Pedal's battery also delivers exceptional performance. It has a capacity of 360Wh, providing up to 100 km of range on a single charge, depending on rider weight, speed assistance and terrain. The battery also charges quickly, taking just 4-6 hours to fully charge from empty. This makes it easy to keep your Vässla Pedal e-bike charged and ready to go when you need it.

Long battery life
Vässla Pedal's battery is built to last a long time. It uses high quality lithium-ion cells that can withstand over 500 charge cycles, meaning you can expect several years of use from the battery before it needs replacing. Plus, the battery is designed to be easily removable, making it easier to put on and take off.


Digital Bike Key App

An app that keeps it simple so it can keep you safe. The Digital Key lets you know where you last left your bike, making sure you’re never stuck searching. Check your battery levels, your current location, and lock your bike up for safe keeping. Everything you need, with no frills to distract you with what you don’t.

We feel the best at 60°

Spare the body

In a more forward leaning and sporty sitting position, there is quickly a lot of strain on the neck and wrists. We have to constantly check up, and we put a lot of weight on our hands. Perfect for the Tour de France, but not for the commute.

Control on the track

By having a slightly less front-heavy seating position, the effort is less. Whilst retaining the benefits of a more controlled ride that comes with a forward leaning active ride.

Optimal weight distribution

When sitting completely relaxed, and almost leaning backwards, our weight is high and far back. This gives less control over steering and makes it easier to accidentally oversteer. We all want to avoid that.


Review from Electroheads

Meet the Designer

Erfarenhet med ny teknik

Vässla collaborated with product design genius Christian Zanzotti to create the Vässla Pedal. His broad scope of work ranges from cars and mobility to furniture, consumer goods and lifestyle products, and he has previously worked with international clients such as BMW.

“Some pieces come with a certain aura, the Pedal is one of them. With the Pedal we have created a new type of electric bicycle. Reduction, accessibility and networking are the key terms here. The goal was to create a modern masterpiece with a high level of performance, and more inclusive than any bike on the market. The Pedal stands for the new urban era, and is an amazing product that I am very proud of.”

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